↳ Independência da Tcheca - willbank

an irreverent artist, fun music and dope visuals to talk about bank services


↳ Diablo Summoner - Activision Blizzard

666 ways to go to hell

↳ Live And  Alive  -  Twitch

turning the biggest livestream platform into the largest amplifier of #BlackVoices

↳ UnhaCard  -  will bank

a credit card thats a nail, a nail thats a credit card

↳ Rebranding  -  JCDecaux

refreshing the brand of one of the largest outdoor advertising corporation in the world

↳ What Shot Was That  -  Activision Blizzard

to launch new skins of COD we brought one of Carnival's biggest hits remixing it with actual SFXs from the game

↳ Whind Knocking Hackers  - will bank

a comedian fighter teaching our customers not be caught by hackers on the internet

↳ Summer Campaign  -  Kibon

launching a refreshing campaign  

↳ Priscila Is Back  - Petlove

The comeback of the first pet influencer of the country

↳ Evaristo Coach  - Ambev

Using a famous anchorman to talk about returnable beer bottles using language of fintech ads

↳ Lollapalooza 2020  - Tanqueray

The mix that makes the show better

↳ Not Today Calendar  -  Ciclocidade

A calendar to remember the whole year something that shouldn't be forgotten even for a day

↳ Random  Projects